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Alright New Years Eve and I am so not doing one of those long-ass reminiscence post of what has happened in this past year. All I can say there was some very good times and some not so very good times. I saw some amazing Rock shows. The best shows were probably both of the underOATH shows I went to. One sad but great show I went to was Starstruck/More North’s Finial show in which I had to bid farewell to a band that originally got me into music. I also saw the Dog and Everything many times in 2004, 8 times (10 in my life-time). I also saw many good movies and bought them as well expanding my DVD collection into the 200 hundreds. As of right now I have no New Years resolutions in mind. I was thinking of possibly thinking of vowing to get more sleep than I usually do, since I go to bed at around 3 on school nights and like 6 on weekends. I like to say to anyone who thinks I am crazy in saying this, The average person lives to about 70 years old. The average person spends about 1/3 of their life in bed!! So why not stay up and just sleep what is absolutely necessary. That way you can enjoy this thing that you only get to have once. I don’t care if sleep is fun, and you may come up with good ideas or whatever, NO!, It’s no good Life is a party don’t fucking sleep through it.

Alright, right now it’s 5:37 am. I just watched the finial episodes on my Seinfeld seasons 1 and 2 DVD. After I am done typing this I am thinking of watching Dodge ball again, for the 2nd time this break. Not sure If I am going for the all-nighter tonight or not you would think New Years Eve to New Years Day would be a more appropriate time to do this, but I figured I should probably use that time to get some rest for school the following week so I am going to do it one day early. Today (New Years Eve) I am going out eat with my family and the Fox family to Lo GARDEN a good Chinese place on Ogden Ave. After that we are going to see Oceans 12 at Yorktown. Other than that have a kick-ass NEW YEARS and a Happy NEW YEAR!




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