This is a big thank you to underOATH once again for making a kick-ass rock song. The new (Police cover song) "Wrapped around your finger" is fucking amazing. When ever I listen to it I emotionally come together. It's a rather indescribable religious experience. This song rocks and If any of you haven't had the ultimate privilege of hearing this KICK-ASS song IM me now (IM: youthinksoo) and get it from my shared folder.
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This is it. My retirement post from LIVE JOURNALING. I have learned over the past few mouths that nothing postive ever goes on while Live Journaling. A bunch of arguing, breaking of friendships, families being upset by prank phone calls. It's a great way to ruin your life. I have also made a personal decidsions, that should very well effect the course of my life. AS OF TODAY I RETIRE FROM MUSIC. Now whoah, hold on a minute. This does not mean by any means I am going to stop listening music or being a fan of music. IT does mean, however, I am no longer going to preform in bands, record bands, or have any involvement in the premoting of bands. It's a sad desion in my life because these were areas of extreme talent I had. Much joy, much love was brought to my heart in doing these things. However, my life also took a turn for the worse starting in 6th grade when I started Chain Reaction. This was my first band. My first mistake. If I wouldn't have been in that band. My life may have taken a completely different course. I would like to say I have now made some decisons that should help me get back on my feet. Nazerians, I thank your opinions and you view upon me. It sounds like a great Catholic school you go to there, I am so glad to see how great of Christians that our being educated there. You have been prime examples of how you know nothing about a person until you really get to know know them. I don't consider my self a bad person, however your efforts to make me feel otherwise have failed.

I encourage everyone to continue to develope their talents in a band if they are currently in one, and to as well continue to love and support the bands you listen to. I am sorry for the puncuation and spelling errors in this post. I have wasted to much of my time as it is with these stupid things.

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"Should Have Stayed In The Shallows"

That party hasn't started till there's spike in the punch
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girl
More ups and downs than a trampoline
Lets coke like we're vacuums and dance our troubles away before we drive our cars off bridges
Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls.
Lets pry her ribs open. And bathe in her chest
I'm the life of the party until I sober up
And when they find her on the shore they'll say, "Shark that got her was an efficient killer"
Some things are better left unsaid
Some things are better off dead
The party hasn't started till there's spike in the punch. Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls.
I'm the life of the party until I sober up. Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls.

Those are the lyrics to the "Fear before the March of Flames" song "Should have stayed in the shallows". I did a cover of that song and received over 200 plays today (sunday) for it!! Check it out here:

Also check out some of the feedback I got here:

For the Most part the feedback was good. What I really need is a band!! No one wants to be in one with me. One guy ask if my band wanted to play with his on warped next year for a few dates. I had to tell him NO. "sorry I dont have one". Anyways I also have some videos for covers I did. You can get those by adding my name to your buddy list, then click on it in your buddy list, then in the IM box go up to people. Then say get file. Then go to local vidoes, As Written. THere in there.
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I had the time. So I decided to write a list of my favorite underOATH songs in order. I only did this because they are my favorite band of all time. The only problem with this list is that it is my current favorite list of there songs and not the exact or SET IN STONE. have been listening to alot of the old lately and the list should reflect my new order.

1. Young and Inspiring (Song that got me into this band at first)
2. When the Sun Sleeps
3. I got 10 friends and a Crowbar that says you ain’t gonna do jack
4. Alone in December
5. Cries of The Past
6. The Impact of Reason
7. The last
8. The best of ME
9. Down, Set, GO
10. Some will seek forgivness while others escape (AARON MARSH!! GUESTS!)
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I am nowing sharing all my files through AIM. Put my name on your buddy list, IM: youthinksoo, then click on it, then in the IM box go to people and say get file. Have a look at my stuff there is tons in there!
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Hot New Pics

So nothing much happening lately. I have 2 half-days this week. One today and one tommorrow because of parents teacher conferences. I am not going to conferences but my parents are, but I'm not to worried, though, because I got straight A's in everything including honors Chem.. But lately I just been playing alot of Halo 2, which I bet already, and starting to get back into San Andreas. So I had alot of free-time today and thought it would be cool to try 2,000 dollar digital camera. So Here's a pic from that Untouched/Unedited. I can't find any better quality band pictures on the net!! THAT CAMERA IS SIMPLY AMAZING!

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Alright everyone, so tommorrow is the presidental election. Make sure you go out and vote if you our old enough, if not make sure you tell your older brother/sister, Mom, Dad, ETC. to! Remember to consider the following. 1. Who will be the best and most staright forward and consistant for the next four years 2. Who will keep our country safe and ensure that handeling of terroism is kept on the ball 3. Who will ensure our economy will prosper to the fullest extent. Your answer to these questions should be:

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(no subject)

So this weekend was pretty cool. I got GTA San Andreas and Tony Hawk's Underground on Friday. Chris, Kevin and I pretty much played video games from 6pm (Friday)- 6pm (Saturday). The games included GTA SA, THUG 2, Madden 2005, and True Crime (I didn't play that one). So beasicly I have just been playing GTA SA all weekend. Today was Halloween, and I didn't even step one foot outside my house. Just sat on the couch and Gamed my day away. Enough Said.
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